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TDPG 14th Annual Exhibition

30th and 31st of August 10am to 5pm

Another year and another Traditional Darkroom Printmakers Group exhibition of works that belong to traditional photographic methods. This is the exhibition of artisan photographic printing in Melbourne.

It will be opened at 12.00 on Saturday by the club President, Barrie Bunning – supported by nibbles and drinks.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Melbourne Camera Club will be held on Thursday 2 October 2014 at 8pm. A copy of the formal notice can be found here.

Exposure #3 2014

This year's third edition of Exposure is out now

Exposure #3 2014

Photo-book Competition (2014 pilot)

--- News ---

21 Aug 2014 - Competition Deadline & FAQ v08

The competition deadline is midnight 31 Aug 2014. However, your 'final copy' voucher might show an earlier time.
Some vouchers have a 'Valid To' of 4am 31/8/2014.
Note that the on-line voucher date is different to the emailed voucher date.
See '3.8 Voucher Dates & Competition Deadline' in Part 3 - Uploading Your Photobook

TDPG Gum Dichromate Workshop 2014

On Sunday, 16th March 2014, Selby Markham from the Traditional Darkroom Printmakers’ Group (TDPG) led a workshop on the Gum Dichromate process. Eight participants learned how to make prints using artists’ watercolour paper, photo-sensitive potassium dichromate, UV light, and water.

The all-day workshop required some preparation. Selby brought in watercolour paper which he had pre-shrunk and sized with gesso and the participants brought in A4 negatives which we had made digitally on transparencies. Together we applied a mixture of water-colour paint, gum arabic and potassium dichromate to the paper and allowed it to dry.

New President

Congratulations to Barrie Bunning has been voted in as President by our members at last night's SGM

2013 End of Year Awards

2013 End of Year Awards

  MCC Monthly 'Print' Competition - Aggregated Scores

A Grade

1st     Len Mullumby Trophy                      Gary Richardson

2nd                                                          Frances Egan

3rd                                                           Ian Bock

B Grade

1st     Leigh Hawke Trophy                         Ken Bretherton

123rd Annual General Meeting

The 123rd Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 3 October 2013. There were 38 members and one visitor in attendance.

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